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09-11-07 Introduction To Statistics Vocab Ch. 2-1, 2-2 Key Terms (2.1) -center : a representative or average value that indicates where the middle of the data set is located -variation : a measure of the amount that the data values vary among themselves -distribution : the nature or shape of the distribution of the data (like bell-shaped, uniform, or skewed) -outliers : sample values that lie very far away from the vast majority of the other sample values -time : changing characteristics of the data over time Key Terms (2.2) -frequency distribution (frequency table) : lists data values (either individually or by groups of intervals), along with their corresponding frequencies (or counts) -frequency : in a particular class, the number of original values that fall into that class -lower class limits : the smallest numbers that can belong to the different classes
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Unformatted text preview: -upper class limits : the largest numbers that can belong to the different classes-class boundaries : the numbers used to separate classes, but without the gaps created by class limits-class midpoints : the values in the middle of the classes; each one can be found by adding the lower class limit to the upper class limit and dividing the sum by 2-class width : the difference between two consecutive lower class boundaries-relative frequencies : found by dividing each class frequency by the total of all frequencies-relative frequency distribution : includes the same class limits as a frequency distribution, but relative frequencies are used instead of actual frequencies; often expressed as percents-cumulative frequency : for a given class, the sum of frequencies for that class and all previous classes...
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