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09-10-07 Effective Speaking Chapter Summary-Ch. 2 1.) Select and narrow your subject, making it appropriate to you and your listeners. 2.) Determine your general and specific purposes, then word the central idea to guide your development of the key ideas. 3.) Analyze your audience and the occasion to discover what you might say and how you might say it. 4.) Gather your material, beginning with what you already know and supplementing it with additional research.
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Unformatted text preview: 5.) Arrange and outline your points to package your ideas clearly and coherently. 6.) Practice your speech aloud, working from outlines and then notecards, first alone and then with an audience. 7.) Recognize that self-confidence can be developed by understanding the communication process and through public speaking experience. Key Terms-audience orientation-central idea-general purpose-specific purposes-state apprehension-trait apprehension...
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