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09-24-07 Effective Speaking Notes Ch. 5 - demographic analysis is the study of observable characteristics in groups of people; factors include age, gender, education, group membership, and cultural/ethnic background; these factors must be taken into account when preparing your speech -to analyze your audience psychologically, you can use psychological profiling , or identifying what your listeners already think and feel; key concepts include beliefs, attitudes, and values - beliefs are convictions about what is true or false; determine which beliefs will help you and which ones are obstacles to overcome - attitudes are tendencies to respond positively or negatively to people, objects, or ideas, and they often influence our behavior
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Unformatted text preview: -values are the basic concepts organizing one’s orientation to life; they underlie an individual’s particular attitudes and beliefs-in order to discover demographic and psychological factors, you can survey your listeners, observe your listeners; also use your psychological profile to frame your ideas, choose your supporting materials, and phrase your ideas-audience analysis helps you search for clues to the way your listeners think and act-develop your purpose, your goals, and your appeals-in developing your appeals, you can use an approach called audience segmentation in which you can divide your listeners into a series of subgroups or “target populations”...
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