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Anth 2A Lecture Notes 6 February 2007 RACE, ETHNICITY, NATIONALISM, AND CLASS Film: Uneasy Neighbors Race, ethnicity, nationalism, class, gender are cultural constructs (models of behavior and attitudes that a particular culture transmits to its members) cultural construction of identity diacritical markers embodiment of cultural meanings in people, places and things, a sense of opposition Race and ethnicity are classification systems; they are forms of distinction, as are nationalism, class, and gender. Peter Worsely – nationalism is the “institutionalization of one particular ethnic identity by attaching it to the state”. One introductory textbook defines nationalism as a “movement in independent states to
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Unformatted text preview: build national identity, pride and unity.” Nationalism is much more than what these two definitions imply. Nationalism is culturally constructed • national anthems • flags • statues and monuments • national holidays • key words or themes capture the peoples’ sense of shared identity, shared values, shared belief system The embodiment of national identity enables us to reflect upon the nation, our place within it, and the nation’s and our place in the world Nationalism is most acutely felt when the people perceive the “nation” to be under threat “Imagining America: 9/11, Custer’s Last Stand and Manifest Destiny” America Progress The American Pioneer The End of the Trail Class 1...
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