Anth+2A+Lecture+Notes++30+Jan+2007 - Anth 2A Lecture 30...

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Anth 2A Lecture – 30 January 2007 LECTURE NOTES Review: Embodiment; Incommensurability; Interpretation and Translation Example: Basso Cibecue Apache’s sense of place Theoretical approaches in anthropology Functionalism – Bronislaw Malinowski – argued that social and cultural behavior is a response to various human needs and cultural traits have social functions that promote the smooth operation of the society Structural Functionalism – A.R. Radcliffe Brown –thought social behavior functioned to promote the maintenance and well-being of a network of social relations, which he called social structure . Structuralism – E.E Evans Pritchard –argued that societies are systems only because humans need to order the world. Anthropologists should study that structural order and finding its meaning in the context of that particular society. Historical Particularism – Franz Boas – argued that because cultures are based on different ideas about the world they can only be understood
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Anth+2A+Lecture+Notes++30+Jan+2007 - Anth 2A Lecture 30...

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