Anth+2A+Lecture+Notes++23+Jan+2007 - • Women are more...

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Anth 2A Lecture – 23 January 2007 LECTURE NOTE MAKING SENSE OF THE WORLD: MAGIC, SCIENCE AND RELIGION Intervention of the gods in human affairs Geertz Guy Swanson Life after death Lugbara of Uganda Zunis of US SW –katcinas Chumalas of Mexico – syncretism Christians Hindus – reincarnation and nirvana Variations in how people interact with the gods and their religious practices Prayer o Lugbara o Crow, Lakota, and Cheyenne Physiological experience o Plains Indian vision quests o Native American Church o Erika Bourguignon – trances Possession trance Fundamentalist Christians Non-possession trance The Ghost Dance and Sun Dance
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Unformatted text preview: • Women are more likely than men to be possessed o Alice Kehoe, Dody Giletti, Douglas Raybeck – physiological explanation o Erika Bourguignon – psychological explanation • Voodoo • Divination o Naskapi • Sacrifices Magic • Sorcery • witchcraft o Azande of Zaire, studied by Meyer Fortes o Beatrice Whiting Types of practitioners • Shamans • Sorcerers and witches 1 • Mediums • Priests Religion and adaptation • Hindus in India –the sacred cow Revitalization Movements • Ghost Dance • Seneca and the Religion of Handsome Lake • Cargo Cults o Peter Worsley o David Aberle 2...
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Anth+2A+Lecture+Notes++23+Jan+2007 - • Women are more...

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