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Anth+2A+Lecture+Notes++11+Jan+2007 - INTRODUCTION TO...

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INTRODUCTION TO SOCIOCULUTRAL ANTHROPOLOGY LECTURE NOTES 11 January 2007 Anthropology – from the Greek anthropos (meaning “man”, “human”) and logos (meaning “study”) Anthropology is distinguished from the other social sciences by: Its holistic approach Its emphasis on culture Its strategy of cross-cultural comparison Its reliance on long-term fieldwork and participant observation Its production of ethnographies based on research using the ethnographic method Its commitment to cultural relativism Anthropology has traditional been divided into four fields , which have now been further subdivided into many subfields . The four fields are: Physical (biological) anthropology Archaeology Linguistic anthropology Sociocultural anthropology Applied anthropology crosscuts these four fields Most anthropologists also specialize in a culture area, although many now specialize in a particular type of society instead.
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