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Anth+2A+Lecture+Notes++15+Feb+2007 - o What can we learn...

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Anth 2A Lecture Notes 15 February 2007 GENDER AND SEXUALITY; PERSONHOOD (CONTINUED) Gender roles Cross-cultural variation in gender roles Gender relations Cross-cultural variation in gender relations Patriarchy and male dominance Material versus non-material factors Gendered division of labor Tasks and gender Gender and status ( status versus role ) cross-culturally Gender equality o e.g., the Mohawks of North America Gender inequality o e.g., Veiled Sentiments, other Middle Eastern societies and India Gender and ideology Ideological constructs o The role of religion Gender in the public sphere versus domestic sphere Gender and subsistence Gender in foraging societies Gender in pastoral and horticultural societies Gender in agricultural societies Gender in industrial and post-industrial societies o Gender gap o Cult of domesticity Globalization and gender Globalization The global and the local Social reproduction 1
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BELIEF SYSTEMS AND AESTHETICS What are art and aesthetics ? o Artworks o Aesthetics . Key questions:
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Unformatted text preview: o What can we learn about different peoples by looking at their art? o How is art embedded in culture? How do different cultures shape artistic expression and how do the aesthetic principles upon which it is based vary? o What forms of art are universal and what are some of the culturally specific art forms? How do they express or create symbolic culture? o How does art reflect society and social features? o What social, cultural, and personal functions does art serve? Cultures vary in their artistic expression and aesthetic sensibilities o Western art – four different models or paradigms o Mimetic o Representational o Instrumental o Formalist Images: American Progress, The End of the Trail, The American Pioneer o Yoruba art o Navajo sandpainting o Body art o Scarification o Tatooing Dance and music o Ethnomusicology Oral literature and written texts Art and globalization o Identity 2 o Global economy o Tourism 3...
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