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Michigan State University School of Criminal Justice Sanja Kutnjak Ivkovich Spring 2008 ISS 315 : COMPARATIVE CRIMINAL JUSTICE STUDY GUIDE FOR THE FIRST TEST What is globalization? The interdependency of the whole world for us What are the levels at which it is happening? Commercial, transportational, communicational, cultural, and political What are the positive and negative effects of globalization? It has allowed people all over the world to work together on many different things regardless of language or country. However, it has also created a whole new level of crime that is hard to stop as it involves multiples countries or the internet. Also, many US countries are outsourcing jobs to foreign countries who will work for cheaper wages. Countries cultures are being destroyed and being Americanized. How are negative effects related to crime? It has created a global playing field for criminals and has created many new sorts of crime that police agencies across the world are having trouble dealing with. Why do we use a comparative perspective, or, what are the reasons to study criminal justice systems in other countries ? It allows us to replace our small view of the world with a global perspective. To broaden our understanding of the world. The more one knows about other societies and people, the greater their potential for understanding those people and their actions. It also allows us to benefit from others’ experience; it gives us ideas to improve our system; it allows us to look at their legal rules and how they are created, usually by a combination of political, social, and economic circumstances. Finally, it also helps us deal with transnational crime. Since criminals are using a global playing field to carry out crime, we must too through international cooperation and understanding What is ethnocentrism and what positive and negative effects are associated with it? Ethnocentrism is the belief that one’s own country or culture does things
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2 “right” and all other ways are “wrong” or “foreign.” Positive effects are that it encourages pride, confidence, and group identification. Negative effects are that it makes people unwilling to understand and appreciate differences between themselves and people from other groups which leads to prejudice and discrimination; crime within and across borders What the people think about the U.S. criminal justice system? The ABA did a study that showed 80% of US respondents “agreed” or “strongly agreed” that the American justice system is the best in the world; they also noted many problems with it (system favoring the rich, racial profiling, poor jury makeup) How can criminal justice systems be studied (i.e., what are the possible approaches toward the study of different criminal justice systems)? (Table 1.1) 1. The Historical Approach: looks at the evolution of a particular element of the system or the whole system and learn about the mistakes and successes
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ISS315 Study Guide Test 1 - Michigan State University...

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