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HILD 7B Winter 2008 Professor Shah Second Paper Assignment Due: Wednesday, March 12 at the end of Lecture. The essay should be typed, in 12-point font, double-spaced and in complete sentences . The length should be between 7-8 pages. On the top right hand column of your paper; PLEASE WRITE SECTION NUMBER (01, 02 ETC.), DAY/TIME OF SECTION, AND NAME OF TA On the top left hand column of your paper: Write Buckley Waiver and sign your name. You have a choice of two questions. Answer one of the following questions . Please follow directions carefully about the minimum number of documents you will need to draw upon for your response. You should not use sources from outside the lecture/assigned readings. Question #1: In what ways did Asian Americans define the concept of citizenship? What strategies did Asian Americans use to challenge unequal citizenship between the Depression and the 21 st century? In your response, use direct quotations from at least 2 documents from list #1; at least 3 documents from list #2; and 3 articles in list #3 I. Use at least 2 of these documents to make your argument. "Writer Carlos Bulosan Conveys the Dangers (pp. 232-234) "Labor Leader Karl Yoneda Recalls Japanese Interethnic Organizing" (pp. 234-235) "Ray E. Chase and S.G. Pandit Critique SupremeCourt Ruling (pp. 118-123) "Taishi Matsumoto Bemoans Limited Employment" (pp. 259-260) "Filipino Regiment Member Manuel Buaken Fights for Freedom, 1943" (pp. 290-292) II. Use at least 3 of these documents to make your argument "Japanese American Mike Masaoka Vows to Cooperate with Government Removal Plans" (pp.295- 296) "Journalist James M. Omura Condemns the Mass Exclusion of Japanese Americans" (p. 297) "The Fair Play Committee Calls on Nisei" (pp. 298-299)
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