Week%209A%20%26%209B%20Outline - 9A America Remade Civil...

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9A America Remade: Civil Rights and Immigration A. Universal Democracy vs. Racial Nationalism 2. Postwar Racial and Gender Retrenchment 3. Contradictions B. Residential Segregation/ Desegregation 1. Racial Zoning 2. Restrictive Deed Covenants 3. Veterans and desegregation 4. Federal Mortgages supporting segregation 5. 1948 Supreme Ct-- abolishes racial covenants 6. 1968 Fair Housing Act C. Social Movements, Courts, New Civil Rights Laws 1. Contesting unjust laws 2. Mounting legal challenges 3. National and International Media Attn: 4. New Civil Rights Laws D. Immigration and Transformation 1. Hart Cellar Immigration Law 2. Demographic Surprise 3. Family Reunification Model 4. Global Economy, Education Investment 5. Model Minority Myth Key Concepts and Historical Data Restrictive Deed Covenants Fair Housing Act 1968 Civil Rights Act 1964 Voting Rights Act 1965 Hart-Cellar Act 1965 Family reunification model Model Minority 9B  Vietnam War and Asian American Transformations
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Week%209A%20%26%209B%20Outline - 9A America Remade Civil...

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