Chapter 15 - Chapter 15: Integrated Marketing...

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Chapter 15: Integrated Marketing Communications and Direct Marketing I. Who is going to Disney World Next? a. Promotional mix i. Used to 1. Inform prospective buyers 2. Persuade them to try it 3. Remind them later about the benefits they enjoyed b. Integrated marketing communications (IMC) II. The communication process a. Communication i. Source, message, channel of communication, receivers b. Encoding and decoding i. Encoding, decoding ii. Field of experience c. Feedback i. Feedback loop ii. Response iii. Feedback iv. Pretesting d. Noise i. Noise III. The promotional elements a. Mass selling b. Customized interaction c. Chart on pg. 335 d. Advertising i. Advertising ii. Paid, nonpersonal iii. What, whom, when iv. Advantages and disadvantages e. Personal selling i. Personal selling ii. Whom iii. Wasted coverage iv. Advantages and disadvantages f. Public relations i. Public relations ii. Publicity iii. Advantages and disadvantages g. Sales promotion i. Sales promotion ii. Advantages and disadvantages
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Chapter 15 - Chapter 15: Integrated Marketing...

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