My Theory of Everything

My Theory of Everything - This is about the bigger picture...

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This is about the bigger picture which can not be perceived by our gross senses). Love is all There are three outstanding and fundamental mysteries that naturalist science has not yet even begun to understand or answer- the existence of everything (the universe), the nature of life (Schrodinger’s question: What is life?), and consciousness. Naturalist science has approached these things from a materialist and reductionist viewpoint, hoping to probe the smallest components of matter, biological/chemical life and the elements of the brain and thereby get to the truth of all things. But this downward probe into the small has come to a great wall of mystery. This materialist search is destined to fail because the real nature of any thing is not ultimately material. Quantum mechanics affirms this. It is the science that deals with the most fundamental reality of all and it has arrived face to face with consciousness as the underlying foundational reality behind everything (see, for example, Quantum Enigma by Rosenblum and Kuttner). There is another answer to what these mysteries are about. This answer defines and explains the nature of the Consciousness that is at the heart of everything. The answer is found in that brief but all-encompassing statement made by the apostle John some 2,000 years ago that “God is love” (1 John 4:16). This statement defines and explains the fundamental nature of the Ultimate Reality that creates and holds in existence all the visible forms of the material universe. Love is the very core nature of the Transcendent Mystery that the ancients have long called God. Love, more than anything else, defines the Consciousness that sustains the universe and all the forms of life in the world. As Bede Griffiths has said, the universe is then an outpouring of love, it exists in love and it returns to love (A New Vision of Reality). All reality and life is a movement of love, an expression or manifestation of love. Love as the essential nature of the Ultimate Mystery makes this Mystery a supremely Humane Spirit or
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My Theory of Everything - This is about the bigger picture...

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