Exam 1 Review - MKT 372- Exam 1 Review Chapter 1...

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MKT 372- Exam 1 Review Chapter 1 Advertising : o Paid for o Delivered through a mass media o Attempting to persuade Advertising Campaign - an integrated series of ads and promotions that communicate a central theme or idea Advertising as a Communications Process : o Production - the advertiser and social context determine ad content o Accommodation and negotiation - the ways in which consumers interpret ads o Reception - the context of ad reception and the audience’s understanding of an ad result in a meaningful interpretation of the ad o Production and reception work together, they are not independent Audiences for Advertising : o Household consumers - largest, includes everyone (college students) o Business Organizations o The Trade Channel o Professionals - lawyers, accountants, medical o Government Economies of scale - higher volume results in lower unit cost Brand loyalty leads to inelasticity of demand- less price sensitivity to demand (demand does not affect price) Types of Advertising: o Primary demand stimulation - to create demand for an entire product category (sugar) o Selective demand stimulation - to stimulate demand for a specific brand (Imperial sugar) o Direct response advertising - stimulates an immediate act, immediate purchase o Delayed response advertising - developing brand awareness over time o Corporate Advertising - advertising to create an attitude toward the company o Institutional advertising - corporate advertising to the trade channel
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Exam 1 Review - MKT 372- Exam 1 Review Chapter 1...

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