Exam 4 Review - Exam 4 Review Chapter 15 Know advantages &...

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Exam 4 Review Chapter 15 o Advantages Reach over 50% of households Geographic selectivity - NY Times, Houston Chronicle Timeliness - 4 th of July sales Creative opportunities - limited, can do coupons, send out samples; page offers a large and relatively inexpensive format so advertisers can provide a lot of information with low cost Credibility - “in writing = truth” Audience interest - many readers buy the newspaper to specifically see what’s on sale at stores in the local area Cost - less than radio and T.V. o Disadvantages Limited segmentation - circulation cuts across too broad an economic, social, and demographic audience and allows for the isolation of specific targets Creative constraints - no movement, black and white Poor reproduction Cluttered environment - ads placed with other ads create clutter Short life- read quickly and then discarded Know categories of newspaper advertising o Display advertising - Display - includes the standard components of a print ad (headline, body copy, illustration) to set it off from the news content of the paper Co-op - a manufacturer pays part of the media bill when a local merchant features the manufacturer’s brand in advertising o Inserts - Pre-printed inserts - an advertisement delivered to the newspaper fully printed and ready for insertion into the newspaper Free-standing inserts - contains cents-off coupons for a variety of products and is typically delivered with Sunday newspapers o Classified advertising - newspaper advertising that appears as all-copy messages under categories such as sporting goods, employment, and automobiles o Advantages - Audience selectivity - can be based on demographics, lifestyle, or special interests; have more than other media Audience interest - attract an audience because of content Creative opportunities - offer a wide range of creative opportunities; ability to vary the size, use color, use white space, and play off the special interests of the audience
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Long life - many are saved issue-to-issue by their subscribers; can be reexamined over a week or month o Disadvantages - Limited reach and frequency - the more narrowly defined the interest group, the less overall reach a magazine with have Clutter - average magazine if half editorial and entertainment content and half advertising material Long lead times - advertisers are required to submit their ads as much as 90 days in advance of the date of publication Cost - cost more $$ o Consumer publications - Magazines that appeal to consumer interests (Men’s Journal, Women’s Day, Ebony) o Business publications - Each major industry has a trade publication (PC World, American Family Physician, Forbes) o Farm publications - Provide technical information about farming techniques (Successful Farming, Progressive Farmer)
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Exam 4 Review - Exam 4 Review Chapter 15 Know advantages &...

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