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Chapter 14- The Ever-Changing U.S. Mosaic Hansen’s law - a theory that what the child of an immigrant wishes to forget, the grandchild wishes to remember; also called the three-generation hypothesis (pg. 512) Transnationalism - sustained ties of persons, networks, and organizations across national borders (pg. 513) Intergenerational mobility - the change in social status within a family from one generation to the next (pg. 512) Social capital - actual or virtual resources available through a network of
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Unformatted text preview: institutionalized relationships (pg. 514) • Segmented assimilation- refers to a variety of outcomes among or within contemporary immigrant streams (pg. 514) • Immigration fears- (pg. 522-7) • Multiculturalism- ranges from efforts for an all-inclusive curriculum to an emphasis on separatist pluralism (pg. 533) • Bilingual education- teaching subjects in both English and the student’s native language to develop fluency in both (pg. 528) • English only movement- (pg. 531)...
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