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CBS News Effects of Climate Change Extra Credit

CBS News Effects of Climate Change Extra Credit - Over the...

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The Wilkins Ice Shelf, located in Antarctica, is slowly breaking apart. A large piece roughly 160 square miles broke off of the main shelf and is slowly melting into the ocean. This particular piece will not raise the water level on coasts because it was already a part of a floating ice shelf. But if it was a land based piece of ice, its melting would result in an increase in the water level. The ice also serves the purpose of reflecting sun away from the Earth and without it the water in the arctic will warm resulting in more melting and possibly throwing off convection currents in the Atlantic. This could result in climate changes throughout the world. In Happisburgh, England the effects of global warming and ice shelf melting is quite evident.
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Unformatted text preview: Over the past 10 years, 20 to 30 properties we lost to the ocean including a great amount of seaside land. Sea defenses used to be put up and maintained by the government there but raising costs in repairs changed that. Because of this many coastal areas have begun to become deserted, as the sea takes people’s homes and coastal land. Happisburgh isn’t the only place that has to be worried about raising sea levels and erosion of coastal lands. Many major cities and countless communities are built on or close to the sea. This problem is a major threat to everyone. With continued ice sheet melting, sea levels may rise quicker than anticipated and who knows if we will be able to prevent disastrous repercussions....
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