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King Lear 3/31/08 At this point he seems to be exclusively writing tragedies. This is the most conceptual tragedy, in the sense they have a more developed philosophical sense. Tragedy of love (more than one kind of love) and fate. Tragedy of politics Othello is almost, not quite, a domestic tragedy. A tragedy focused on private relationships. Not quite because Othello is a general and he has major public responsibilities in the play and in command of Cyprus and the play goes beyond domestic realm. Lear is an enormous step forward in the sense of tragedy with its abstract language. It balances the psychology of interests, being played on stage. King Lear makes Sophocles plays look simple because Sophocles doesn’t have so many themes and things happening. Techniques of pattern of imagery and key terms will be done in this play by Shakespeare
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Unformatted text preview: but in more complex way. What gets this story going is this idea of a fairy tale. King wants to retire and wants to marry off his daughters. He wants the girls to demonstrate publicly how much they love him. This is a double-plotted tragedy. He will bring out the parallels in both tragedies. King Lear wants to split England into three equal pieces and give them respectively to the daughters who loves him the most. Crawling is a patter that will describe later on as Lear will be infantile in his behavior. Monetary value and tangible value Soliloquies Edger :Base is connected to bastard. I’m a bastard but there was good sport at my making. The trouble with being a bastard is he has no inheritance and rights. Lusty stealth of nature. Fallen nature, the nature that has been screwed up by adam and eve....
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