Margaret Fuller 1810

Margaret Fuller 1810 - Margaret Fuller 1810-1850 Li...

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Margaret Fuller 1810-1850 Feng Li Margaret Fuller was born on May 23, 1810 in present day Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her father was Timothy Fuller, a successful lawyer and a legislator. Margaret was the oldest of eight children. Growing up, she was home schooled by her father who was meticulous in his education regiment for Margaret. Often, her father focused so rigorously in developing and training Margaret’s mental capacities that he ignored her physical health and even denied her a proper childhood. At the age of six, Margaret’s workload grew when she begin studying Latin. Many occasions, she would work and study late into the night. It was becoming clear she was overly stimulated when she showed symptoms of insomnia and nightmares. She became increasingly lonely due to her home environment. The lack of social interactions with others caused her to focus more on her inner self. Many days she would find herself pondering and searching for a deeper insight to the basic things in life. However, it was difficult for her to comprehend these foreign
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Margaret Fuller 1810 - Margaret Fuller 1810-1850 Li...

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