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mcb_150_quiz_1_key_07 - caused an increase in endopeptidase...

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MCB 150 Quiz #1 answer key, Spring, 2007 1. A. Cortical granules: Membrane bound vesicles produced by the Golgi during oogenesis and located just below the plasma membrane (in the cortex) of unfertilized eggs. At fertilization, granules fuse with egg plasma membrane and release their contents (fertilization product) to alter the vitelline layer; causes “lift-off” and conversion of the vitelline layer into the fertilization envelope. B. FSH / LH: Peptide hormones produced by the pituitary gland, targeted to the follicle cells of the ovary. Stimulate the follicle cells to synsthesize and secrete progesterone, necessary for LPO maturation. 2. RESULTS: Certain concentrations of follicular fluid when placed in the upper compartment,
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Unformatted text preview: caused an increase in endopeptidase activity (indirect indicator of the number of sperm) in samples taken from the upper chamber. Control: Fill upper compartment with buffer only (no follicular fluid) . Measure endopeptidase activity as in experiment. OR Fill both upper and lower compartments with the same concentration of follicular fluid. Measure endopeptidase activity at 15 minutes as in experiment. 3. EXPERIMENT: Dilute sperm into NSW and add A23187 (calcium ionophore). Observe by microscopy to determine if AMF part of AR has been triggered. RESULTS: AMF has occurred. APF has not occurred. CONTROL: Place sperm in CaFSW; add same concentration of A23187 as in experiment. Observe for AMF by microscopy....
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