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Madeleine Wieand Stacie Cassarino English 103 February 18, 2008 Mark Doty’s “Broadway” and the Photography of Lisette Model In Mark Doty’s poem “Broadway,” the strong visual imagery makes it apparent that the speaker is trying to convey a contrast between the sparkling, glamorous idea of New York City and the underlying problems, the dreary and grungy, unattractive side that people try not to see. This contrast between New York’s lighter and darker sides is also evident in a Lisette Model photograph of an old woman in the Lower East Side. She is apparently a beggar, dressed in rags with her hand outstretched, yet she has an unquestionable sense of elegance and dignity. “Broadway” starts under Grand Central station, in what seems like a subway. There are “electric stars still lit” and some “minor constellations,” which bring up the first examples of imagery of the gleaming and starry city that the poem describes. At the same time, the speaker establishes a sense of dilapidation (Ren 1). The contrast between the beautiful and the unattractive parts of the city is really what the poem is about. Without saying it, he describes the electric sparks that crackle under the subway tracks. He then takes the reader up the stairs and onto the street, looking into a storefront display - a window full of the bright red wings of live macaws. The birds’ beaks opening and closing remind the speaker of “those animated knives that unfold all night in jewelers’ windows,” another reference to jewels and a foreshadow of the subject of Ezekiel’s poems. Then the readers are told about glass eyes that are watching the rain,
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and brought back to the birds in the window, which are lined up like flowers at a flower stand or cheap jewelry or secondhand magazines being sold off of a table set up on the edge of the
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modelphoto - Madeleine Wieand Stacie Cassarino English 103...

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