womeninWWIIpaper - Steimel 1 Robert Steimel September 18,...

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Steimel 1 Robert Steimel September 18, 2007 HIST-215.01 - Social Forces That Shaped America Women’s Experiences in the Armed Forces During World War II Everyone knows the famous stories of the US soldiers in World War II, such as D-Day and the Battle of the Bulge, but many people do not recognize the great contribution many women made to the war effort. Many women took over jobs that the enlisted men left behind. Others joined the war effort and became nurses, secretaries, or other posts where the Armed Services allowed women to serve. During the Second World War, some women served in ways that haven’t been properly recognized, and the following tells the stories of two of these women. During World War II, Mildred Darlene Axton worked in the Women’s Air Force Service Pilots program. This program wasn’t technically a military program, but it was treated as part of the U.S. Army Air Force. Ms. Axton was treated as if she was an Army officer, even though she was really a civilian. Mildred came from an adventurous family and always had an interest in flying planes, so when the chance to become a pilot came up, she jumped at it. Mildred went through a government-sponsored course to get her pilot’s license. She was the only female pilot, that she encountered, who left her small child behind in addition to her husband. Mildred’s brother was already a fighter pilot in the Air Force and, despite very heavy losses among her brother’s friends and other pilots that she knew, Mildred said that she “could not have lived with myself if I hadn't gone, and my husband understood and my parents understood, so I joined.”
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womeninWWIIpaper - Steimel 1 Robert Steimel September 18,...

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