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Steimel 1 Robert Steimel October 16, 2007 HIST-215.01 – Social Forces That Shaped America Reaction Paper #2 In the first section of Three Strikes titles “The Colorado Coal Strike 1913-14”, Howard Zinn discusses coal mining in Colorado, which started on a large scale in this area in the second half of the 19 th century. Workers lived in mining camps, which Zinn describes as a “feudal dominion” where the companies controlled the laws, the curfews and where you could buy goods; even the town doctor and schoolteachers were employees of the mining company. The mining companies not only held authority over the economic welfare of these towns, but also over the area’s political power. A letter from L. M. Bowers, a company manager for Colorado Fuel & Iron Company in Huerfano County, tells of how “every man and women in their employ without any regard to their being naturalized or not; and even their mules it used to be remarked, were registered, if they were fortunate enough to possess names.” The mining companies forced their workers to vote for the candidates that they wanted to win. The number of nationalities represented and the amount of Huerfano County miners mentioned by Zinn, in the chapter, surprised me. I had relatives from Ireland who were miners in Montana, so I wasn’t surprised to see the number of Anglo nationalities, but I was surprised that there were a number of Eastern Europeans and Balkan Europeans. From reading
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ThreeStrikesReactionPaper - Steimel 1 Robert Steimel...

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