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Steimel 1 On October 20, 2007, the American University Symphony, led by conductor Jesus Manuel Berard, performed a number of classical pieces at Abramson Family Recital Hall in American University’s Katzen Arts Center. This concert was the first concert of the season that has been dedicated to celebrating the anniversaries of a dozen major composers, and this concert featured seven pieces, including pieces by Alexander Borodin, Maurice Ravel, and Richard Wagner. The work that I chose to write this paper on was Jean Sibelius’ Finlandia, Op. 26. Sibelius wrote Finlandia to encourage the people to take action against the hated Russian Empire’s occupation of Finland. The Russian Empire tried to censor Finlandia , but it became one of the symbols used by the Finnish people to show opposition to their Russian occupiers. The majority of the piece is chaotic, to symbolize the resistance of the Finnish people against the Russian occupation. Towards the end, the work calms and the Finlandia Hymn starts, which was set to words and became a very important national song in Finland 1 . The Finlandia Hymn part of Finlandia is much more tranquil and pleasing to the ear.
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concertreview1 - Steimel 1 On the American University...

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