chapter 10 simplified - Developing New Products and...

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Developing New Products and Services I. 3M’s new greptile grip golf glove,: how they get to the top of the leaderboard a. the product b. target market c. special marketing task d. product II. the variations of products a. product line and product mix i. product line 1. product item a. stock keeping unit (sku) ii. product mix b. classifying products i. type of user 1. consumer goods 2. business goods (B2B, industrial, or organizational goods) ii. degree of tangibility 1. nondurable good 2. durable good 3. services c. the uniqueness of services i. intangibility ii. inconsistency iii. inseparability iv. inventory 1. idle production capacity d. classifying goods and services i. classifying consumer goods 1. differ in terms of 1. Effort the consumer spends on decision 2. Attributes used in purchase 3. Frequency of purchase 2. convenience goods 3. shopping goods 4. specialty 5. unsought goods e. classifying business goods i. derived demand ii. production goods: intermediate goods iii. support goods: goods that assist to manufacture other goods
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chapter 10 simplified - Developing New Products and...

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