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Chemistry assessment paper - Kaylan Reese CHM106.02 Dr....

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-1Kaylan Reese CHM106.02 Dr. Thomasson December 3,2007 Water Pollution from Chemicals Water Pollution involves the release of chemicals substances into bodies of water such as lakes, ponds, streams, rivers, and oceans and those substances dissolve in the water and accumulate overtime and interfere with the aquatic ecosystems. When these substances are released into the water, the bodies of water have the ability to absorb these chemicals. The minute these chemicals are dissolved into the bodies of water, the air becomes polluted as the water movies throughout the air. Not only are chemicals that are put into these bodies of water polluting the air but also the chemical fertilizers and pesticides are contributing to the pollution. When these fertilizers and pesticides are used and it rains, the stream flow of these chemicals continues to move into other bodies of water. Another thing that contributes to pollution is sewage and other wastes that come form the city. While in the city, the people located near the upstream may receive clean water, and those down stream will receive dirty polluted water. While people are trying to fix these problems and create water purifiers, it is expensive and not thoroughly effective. On top of that new pollution problems are created when those who live on the downstream area
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Chemistry assessment paper - Kaylan Reese CHM106.02 Dr....

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