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Bryce Sawin Ancient Philosophy Notes Index: Nicomachean Ethics [shi3y3q] Nicomachean Ethics Notes [shi3y3q] Book 1 – Happiness 1 [Ends & Goods] Every line of inquiry seeks good; ruling sciences more important than things subordinate to them 2 [The Highest Good & Political Science] There is an end we wish for because of itself, not because of what other ends it will bring; political science is greatest as it concerns other science 3 [The Method of Political Science] student must make decisions based on knowledge/reason and understand premises are not universal 4 [Common Beliefs] Happiness is ultimate good we seek; conception of happiness typically changes for most (wealth, pleasure, etc.) 5 [The Three Lives] Gratification: slavish; Cultivated (politics): want honor, too superficial (depends on others honoring us, while we believe we are good regardless of others), virtue higher than honor, but doesn’t lead to happiness always (external forces) 6 [The Platonic Form of Good] Good referred to as many things (virtue, useful,
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