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07 guest fashion speakers

07 guest fashion speakers - efficient The Warnaco...

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Fashion Panel Guest Speaker Polo Ralph Lauren - lifestyle company/mentality; not too much research - window shopping: touch screen o “impulse shopping to a new level” - Company overview o World wide leader in design, manufacturing, and marketing of luxury lifestyle products across many categories; wide distributions o Sales: Wholesale Retail Licensing By category: (largest to smallest) mens 45%, womens 24%, childrens 10%, fragrance 8%, home 7%, accessories 6%; try to grow fragrance, home, accessories since underdeveloped By region: US 69%, Europe 16%, japan 9%, PR/Korea 4% o Today’s challenges Sustaining profitable growth while maintaining the brand integrity Competing globally in multiple channels of distributions Providing improved service levels in a cost effective manner;
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Unformatted text preview: efficient The Warnaco Group-$1.9 billion in revenue-5500 employees-product distribution o 50+ countries o over 3000 points of distribution-company offices: o new york, Toronto, mexico city, London, hong kong, seoul, shanghai-market capitalization: $1.6-manages and licenses other companies, unlike Polo who owns and controls their company and distribution-strategic objective o maximize sharehold value through operational excellence geographic expansion, and direct to consumer initiatives-brand portfolio o intimate apparel: 33% of revenue o sportswear: 49% of revenue o swimwear 17%-principle distribution: department stores transitioned to global company as department store marketshare declined-growing global company, now 50% US, 50% everywhere else...
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  • Fall '07
  • Ralph Lauren, Guest Speaker Polo, luxury lifestyle products, World wide leader, Wholesale Retail Licensing, improved service levels

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