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Lecture 10 1. What is scientific term for the study of animal behavior? a. Ethology 2. What is imprinting? a. If you are with the animal of calving…. Then the baby feels safer w. what are who was there when it was born b. Race horse industry uses this a lot 3. What 3 level of the nervous systems can initiate a reaction to a stimulus? a. 4. Explain how the field of vision and depth perception of livestock and human differ. a. 5. Compare the sense of smell in livestock to that of humans?
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Unformatted text preview: a. 6. Is most farm animal sexual behavior polygamous or monogamous? a. 7. How does behavior change during mating season? a. 8. Explain the importance of understanding grazing behavior. a. 9. Understanding visual perception of cattle, how should handling facilities is designed? a. 10. Give examples of learned behavior and instinctive behavior. a....
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