History 163 Fall 2007 Final Test Study Guide

History 163 Fall 2007 Final Test Study Guide - History 163...

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History 163 Fall 2007 Final Test Study Guide Antietam Why lee does invades the north? Reads both papers Victory in the north would be the best Forages and food very important Political invasion The upcoming election Great Britain support (slavery) If they do this then the north is in a battle w/ GB Success Need supplies What the military and political goals? Maryland will rise up and join confederacy Why is he so confident he can pull this off? What does lee do with his army before Antietam? Divides in four different armies w/ different goals Jackson has orders to capture Harpers Ferry 12,000 federal troops Weapons, ammo, supplies MC is moving cautiously towards lee About 75,000 troops almost twice as much as lee Lee plans are founded by the union How long before he gets troops moving? 18 hours Sharpsburg Do McClellan and the union win the battle? Yes The confederates are forced to retreat Take heavier causalities (with fewer troops to absorb them) The invasion of the north is stopped But The success is muted by what could have been The army of northern Virginia is still intact Union soldiers furious at lack of follow up on the battle Sign. North more hope Lincoln god servant Emancipation prolicamation Black are allowed into the army British alliance Uncle Tom’s cabinet three times prime ministry The cost of the battle 23,000causalities in one day 6,000 die Significance A northern victory morale boost Demoralizes the confederate Savage A critical point in the battle a sunken road (bloody lane) confederate bodies two to three deep September 17, 1862 Bloodiest single day in military history Combined deaths 4800 and wounded 18,500 of 3,000 died Should had fought lee to the finish Masterful organizer but couldn’t give an all out war
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Bleeding Kansas Bleeding Kansas What is this term reference to? Major guerilla warfare in this area Still seven years away from the war The conflict in Kansas guerilla war Abolitionist migrate to Kansas Proponents of slavery migrate to Kansas Why? To determine the future of slavery in Kansas based on popular sovereignty Seen as a battle for the future of or against slavery Senator William Seward Senator David Atchison The sack of Lawrence- 1856 Heart of the abolitionist Started as a abolitionist community The caning of Senator Charles Summer 1856 Tow day speech “the crime Against Kansas” Strong, aggressive rhetoric against the south Senator Butler Personally attack South Carolina senator Andrew P. butler His nephew South Carolina congressman Preston Brooks Attacks summer; permanent brain damage 30 congressman fist fight May 1856 700 proslavery gang sack free soil Lawrence 2 newspaper offices Looting stores burning down buildings John brown 56 abolitionist Ny Ohio Checkered financial past Intensity Murdered five proslavery settlers Pottawatomie killings brown’s 200 hundred lives guerrilla warfare Compromise of 1850 Compromise of 1850; pivotal moment
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History 163 Fall 2007 Final Test Study Guide - History 163...

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