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Agr 299 Floral Design Portfolio Section One—Photo Album (50 pts) ***Provide photographs/picture for: 10 Line flowers 10 Form flowers 10 Mass flowers 10 Filler flowers Must include Genus, common names and function for each (form, filler, etc.) Section Two—Five Designs (60 pts.; 12 pts. per design) A design worksheet for each design will include the following information: Design Title ***Picture for each design Color Scheme of each design Common uses for each design Steps of construction for each design Must include and five of these designs: Round, Horizontal, Asymmetrical, Crescent, dish garden, Vertical, Symmetrical, Oriental (Minimal Arrangement) Section Three—Choose any 10 designs (20 pts.) ***Provide pictures and label each design type
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Unformatted text preview: Mille de fleur Corsage Vase Arrangement Phoenix Bouquet Botanical S-Curve Biedermeier New Wave Waterfall Holgarth’s Curve Oval Landscape Fan Abstract Western Line Vegetative Pave Silks/Dried ***Cite ALL SOURCES of photographs/pictures, give credit where credit is due. Provide citation page AFTER EACH SECTION. Title, author, web address or publisher. Identify picture with source (numbering/lettering system). Section Four (20 pts.) Include Client-Designer Work Order completed in Lab. Provide picture of your design. All work is expected to be turned in on time with a creative and professional appearance. Due ______________. May turn in early but not late....
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