Spring 2008 Midterm - AGR 236 Animals and Society Midterm...

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AGR 236 – Animals and Society Midterm – Take Home Due March 6, 2008 This midterm is due back to me no later than 11:00 a.m. on Thursday March 6, 2008 No one answer may be loner than 200 words Resources that may be used include – internet, journals, books (This means NO assistance from other students or faculty members!!!) Any resources used must be cited at the end of each answer Answers MUST be typed in 12 point font in this document, double space, printed, and a hard copy returned to me I verify that I have completed all answers on this exam by myself. Signed: ______________________________________________ 1. In your own words explain the differences between Animal Rights, Welfare, Liberation and Exploitation. Provide an example of an organization or group of people that would fit into each of these categories. Examples must be different from those used in the PowerPoint presentation from class. (15 pts) Animal right’s is the idea that animals have the same rights as humans, and we should recognized those rights. Animal rights activist believed that human have no right to use animals for any reason in our daily lives. An organization called Animal Legal Defense fund is design to be spokesperson for animals in the legal system to pass laws for the protection of these rights. Animal welfare is stand point that it is our responsibility to ensure the well-being of the animal, such as good housing, health, and handling. A group called Compassion in World Farming, which stands for the campaigns against the live export of animals, inhumane slaughter, and systems of factory farming which includes the farming of animals for fur. Animal liberation is the extreme side of animal rights activist and animal exploitation is the same for welfares. Organization that represent these sides our Revolutionary Cells Animal Liberation Brigade (RCALB) and those who believe that animal don’t fell or comprehend pain.
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Spring 2008 Midterm - AGR 236 Animals and Society Midterm...

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