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Ashley Minton Dr. Temple Grandin Summary What interested me the most about Dr. Temple presentation is she mentioned that the agriculture industry should discard certain words. These words were “properly, adequate, and sufficient.” She stated that these words lead to allowing bad practice to be justified. I do not believe that these words could be eliminated from the vocabulary of the agriculture industry of today, but I do believe that they are sometimes used in the wrong content. As animal welfares the success of the industry shouldn’t be at the result of poor managed procedure. In fact Dr. Temple proved on several account that the meat quality of cattle and pigs was of higher grade when the least amount of stress was introduced into their existence. I believe Dr. Temple methods of measuring stress and simple changes of the market should be taken up by all. Like crowded pen should be filled to only ½ full,
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Unformatted text preview: and positioning the lighting differently. Her critical control points systems can be used anywhere, and help with the improvement of every aspect of the industry from market to breeding livestock. She focuses on just the outcome and can determine if this company was administering good practices or not. Another thing she mentions that was disturbing to me though is that majority of those who wrote down the procedures packing house must obeyed by hasn’t even seen the inside of a packing plant. This is quite disturbing because how can they know what is needed to be changed in the system if they how no personal experience. The success of any business in America society today rest in those who have the power to write new or modify old regulations. If they have no field knowledge of what goes on then how is the industry best interest of success able to happen....
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