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BIO 161 notes - Change the pH increase the heat Change the...

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1. earth 4.5 billion year old 2. fossil 3.5 billion years old; 3.8 billion year old rocks with carbon 3. 1 st living organisms heterotrophic bacteria (prokaryotic) autotrophic bacteria make their own energy rich molecules out of simpler molecules inorganic molecules some to photosynthesis 3.4 billion years CO2 + h2o 01/30/07 Chapter 2 Figure 2.13 Figure 2.14 peptide bond (formed dehydration synthesis) = polypeptide Figure 2.17 A. unique structures (leu) H-bonding (b). alpha helix, beta pleated sheet c. irregularly folding d.subunits R groups: 1. ionic, 2. disulfide (covalent strong), 3. hydrophobic, 4. h-bonding
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Unformatted text preview: Change the pH, increase the heat Change the protein structure You have denatured the protein and renature Doesn’t find O anymore Figure 2.16 Nucleic acids DNA and RNA Monomer 3 parts phosphate Sugar, ribose, deoxy Nitrogenous base (4) 2.20 Nucleotide Chapter 3 The smallest living organism Prokaryotic Eukaryotic Outer line0-plasma membrane (both) living inside, nonliving outside Enlargement of the pm plasma lipids Cytosol-inside the cells may compontent of it is water/ but it is like jell Cytoplasm Nucleus it has a double membrane...
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