history notes - Northern society from 1820-1860 Capitalism...

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Northern society from 1820-1860 Capitalism, Reform, and Religious Earliest industrial labor had been piecework. By the 1820's and 30's factories are being constructed to consolidate Labor and make it more efficient. Many embrace the spirit of commerce Americans pursuing wealth through industry Supported women's rights Believed that multiple childbirths kept them from achieving equality. Community-run nurseries Encouraged men not to have an orgasm Fled the county on adultery charges in 1879 The process into Texas? Land Upper class bottom land Middle and lower class for an opp. Texas was a buffer state Ranch and farm 4,000 acres or more Rush of people in east Texas Expansion of slave trade Mexican American war Annexation Texas triggers problem w/ Mexico (weak govt.) Polk wants a war Feel America it strong enough Texas claim the Rio Grande is the border Mexico saw it different See it as an opp. too the development to the war Building of a fort in this disputed territory Written the declaration of war letter weeks before it actually happen Grant quotes “most unjust war” Battle of winaveskas close battle Southern outlook for more slave states Pivotal point? Increase in large amount of very fertile and rich soil Gold rush found right after the war Sent him new canes South Caroline Resign Reelection Spine of Applications Mountains 25 men 3 or his son Pikes few guns Free slaves South greatest fear slave revolt Suicide mission Thought this would be the catalyst Goes poorly War will happen after this; begin arming themselves and training Rumors everywhere Lincoln Inaugural Address March 1860 Commitment to preservation of the Union Secession was illegal Would not drive to end slavery Would support the Fugitive slave act He would enforce law throughout the nation
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Protect there way of life Preserve the union; nothing more Following the attack on Fort Sumter April 14, 1861 other states quickly secede General comparison of North and South at the beginning of war Culture of the lost cause Grant won his battle b/c heartless general not accurate History grant was pretty good Protecting their family 1861 no one cares about the slaves The anaconda plan Blockade the south Move quickly to take key installations The battle of Bull Run Both sides assumed easy victory in this battle General McDowell is hesitant to attack has to be directly ordered
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history notes - Northern society from 1820-1860 Capitalism...

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