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Ch 26 and Wartime Discussion Questions-March 26 and 28 Ch 26 and Wartime Discussion Questions for March 26 and 28 1-How did President Roosevelt prepare the nation for war and move the nation towards war prior to Dec. 7 th , 1941? Fascism Isolation Early years of ND foreign affairs limited Good neighbor policy formal rec. of the soviet union; military activity in the westeren hemisphere Rec. friendship w./ 2-What role did American industry play in the war effort? How did the government
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Unformatted text preview: encourage and support industrial participation in the effort? What did the phrase used by FDR, “arsenal of democracy,” mean? 3-What were the causes and nature of rumors during World War II? What purpose did rumors serve? Provide a couple of good examples. 4-What is “chickenshit” according to Fussell? What is the purpose of “chickenshit?” What impact does it have on life in the military in World War II?...
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