GEO302C-L33 - b. Ozone at ground levels is an irritant...

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Geo 302C 04/14/08 Lecture 33: Air Pollution and The Ozone Hole Homework Definitions Dates Important People 1. Trends in Tropospheric Change a. Influenced by hot, sunny weather and light surface winds b. 2 cities with highest ozone levels- L.A. and Houston 2. Air pollutants of Concern to Texas a. PM10 and PM2.5- Particulate matter that degrades visibility and is associated with higher rates of mortality
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Unformatted text preview: b. Ozone at ground levels is an irritant which can lead to respiratory disease. 3. Air quality in Texas a. DFW, El Paso, Houston- violate current standards b. Austin, San Antonio would violate new standards c. El Paso violates current PM standard d. Austin- pollutants come from all directions, but mostly from Houston...
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