GEO302C-L34 - d. Seasonal Cycling i. CO2 + H2O + Sunlight =...

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GEO302C 04/14/08 Lecture 34: Anthropogenic Inputs of Greenhouse Gases in the Past 200 Yrs Homework Definitions Dates Important People 1. CO2 a. Before 1958- measured by ice cores b. After 1958- measured directly by instruments 2. Carbon Cycles a. Tectonic, Orbital, Seasonal, and Human-caused b. Tectonic Scale i. Weathering removes CO2 and volcanic-metamorphic processes restore it ii. Negative Feedback: Warmer Temps Increased weathering Lower CO2 levels Lower temps Slows weathering Increased CO2 levels Warmer temps c. Orbital Scale i. Iron enrichment of oceans hypothesis (positive feedback): Glacial periods = more dust Increased iron fallout into ocean Increase amount of phytoplankton Increase photosynthesis Decrease CO2 Cooler temps Windier More Dust ii. CO2 varied from 190-280 ppmv, in 2006- 381 ppmv iii. Methane in 2006- 1751 ppbv
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Unformatted text preview: d. Seasonal Cycling i. CO2 + H2O + Sunlight = CH2O + O2 ii. Intensity of sunlight during different seasons makes the photosynthesis process differ iii. Mauna Loa Record 1. Long term increasing trend of CO2 2. Growth rate is stable- 1.5 ppmv/yr e. Human Influence i. 31 Percent increase of CO2 since 1750 ii. 4 Main Sources: Petroleum, coal, natural gas, cement production 1. Petroleum- major source 2. Coal- long term major source iii. U.S. has the highest greenhouse gas emissions per capita (6.6) iv. Sources for Methane 1. Livestock, cultivated rice patties, burning fossil fuels and biomass, mining 3. Global Carbon Budget a. Without human inputs: reservoirs would be balanced b. Fossil fuels output 5.5 c. Land use change output- 1.6 (.6 reflected) d. Missing carbon sink...
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GEO302C-L34 - d. Seasonal Cycling i. CO2 + H2O + Sunlight =...

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