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case study #1 - Kaylan Reese Cont. Moral Issue Wenneman...

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Kaylan Reese Cont. Moral Issue Wenneman March 10, 2008 Case Study #1 A. Background This is a case of unemployment where John Smith and his wife Jane have three small children. Until recently, John had a good job in the factory in Dallas, Texas, and a good life: house, car, T.V., new furniture, and so on. Unfortunately, he lost his job when the factory closed. He has sold all his possessions, exhausted his unemployment compensation and cannot collect AFDC. (Married men and women do not qualify for Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC); in fact, no welfare at all is available for him in Dallas.) Jane tried working as a waitress, leaving John to care for the children, but she did not make enough money to pay the bills. Now they are living on the street and getting one free meal a day at the Salvation Army. The children are suffering from exposure and malnutrition; John and Jane are tired, hungry, dirty, and depressed. B. Statement of the Problem The problem in this situation is the issue of whether or not such a family should receive welfare benefits or not. Welfare is supposed to be a system by which the government agencies provide economic assistance, goods and services to persons who are unable to care for themselves. Many critics would argue that welfare has not been successful in reducing poverty and it has contributed to the breakdown of families, and that there is insufficient focus on transitioning welfare recipients into employment.
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C. Analysis When it comes to an analysis of this case, there are moral issues involved. If one
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case study #1 - Kaylan Reese Cont. Moral Issue Wenneman...

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