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Unformatted text preview: International System : composed of units/building blocks called states. 193 states in the UN. African states were controlled by European powers as colonies and were freed by WWI and WWII. India was split into India and Pakistan when the English cut out their occupation of India. Ottoman Empire : controlled by the Turks. Turkey, Iraq, and Jordan today. There are border problems because colonial powers drew artificial borders which led to things like Persian Gulf War, Iraq invading Iran. Problems that exist today are an effect of colonial days. WWII: Germany wanted to create Empire Sovereignty : control area and people inhabiting it. Nation states : states that are identified w/ a particular nation where people identify themselves w/ that country. Sub-groups : operate at sub national level have own objectives, own language, priorities, interest. Non-state actors : non-gov’t organizations, play prominent role in UN agenda like philanthropists. Foreign Policy : Power: influence, control, money, military, political, social standing, technology, persuasion, communication, coercion. Soft power: no military, power of attraction, persuasion, economic Hard power: military, inflict damage, coercion, punishment Distribution of power : uneven, 7-10 countries in control of 80% of world’s military power, hierarchal distribution of power, world conflict...
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