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Club Libby Lu

Club Libby Lu - Reese 1 Kaylan Reese English 101.08 Dr...

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Reese 1 Kaylan Reese English 101.08 Dr. Agnew November 15, 2007 Does Club Libby Lu Define You? How you ever been walking in a mall and seen a young girl walk by with make-up caked on and her hair done as if she were a celebrity? If so, that girl most likely had paid a visit to Club Libby Lu. Club Libby Lu is a place located in the mall that specializes in themed birthday parties and makeovers. Here, these young girls, also referred to as tweens, known as the age where girls grow tired of being treated like a baby and have not yet made the decision to hate their parents, can buy clothes, bath and beauty products, and accessories. Each girl who enters Club Libby Lu is referred to as a princess and not by any other name. Club Libby Lu is a place that creates fantasy and lets young girls explore their imaginations. To the majority of the population, Club Libby Lu appears to be innocent fun, but in actuality it has negative effects on young girls that deal with Sexualization and their identification with the princess fantasy. Club Libby Lu creates a problem with Sexualization in young girls. It creates an embedded perversion in wanting to help create an idealized image of a mature woman in the body of a child. “Little girls are not little girls at all, but full-fledged females with no time for anything in life not oriented towards sex”(Shupp). This is exactly what Club Libby Lu is teaching the young girls that come into the store. When a young girl enters the store, she is immediately surrounded by Hannah Montana and Britney Spears merchandise. Today celebrities are becoming more sexual than in the past years. According to Melanie Lowe, who wrote “Colliding Feminisms: Britney Spears, ‘tweens,’ and the Politics of Perception”, when these tweens were asked questions about Britney Spears, they responded negatively and pointed out how she achieved her career goals by using her body. Along with the influence of celebrities
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Reese 2 have on these young girls, Club Libby Lu has recently made a new addition to their store. Not
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Club Libby Lu - Reese 1 Kaylan Reese English 101.08 Dr...

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