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lecture 4 - 4 Any problems mentioned Stereotypes...

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1/14/08 History2B: Lecture 4 Challenge: how to conquer space? - Overland caravan trade routes - Maritime trade routes; bodies of water connected rather than separated continents - Maritime routes often safer than land routes (fewer stops) Byzantine empires strength: - Cultural power - Ability to conserve tradition - Able to expand through culture Overland trade: - ranged from China to Africa, to Eastern Europe - limited trade (Camels can only carry so much) - Central in Africa and central Asia Indian ocean trade routes - consisted of three zones, and one ethnic group dominate each of these zones o zone 1: Arabs and Muslims o zone 2: Indians o zone 3: Chinese - Mediterranean networks (Southern and Western Europe) - Viking network (Northern parts of Europe) Eurasia commercial service connected countries through trade and culture in 1000 CE Documentary questions: 1. Why and how did the Mongols expand? 2. How did the Mongols rule? What was there empire like? 3. Why did Mongols fail to conquer Japan, Egypt, and Europe, and India?
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Any problems mentioned? Stereotypes? Documentary notes-Genghis Kahn worshiped as an idol, he united the Mongols, turning the Mongols into a fighting force against Asian Societies. A very mobile army. Expanded through military warfare.-Everything they need they take from there animals, were never tied down to the land-Mongol empire continued to grow even after Genghis Kahn’s death-Law and order was enforce have Genghis Kahn’s death-Began a more sophisticated economy using trade and paper money-Religious toleration -Kublai Kahn (considered the most powerful Kahn by Marco Polo) was occupied with pleasure more than with expansion. Women were the most influential in his court. -Attempted to conquer Japan but the army was destroyed by a typhoon -Mamluk soldiers were first to halt the Mongols expansion into the West. Egypt became the center for Islam.-...
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lecture 4 - 4 Any problems mentioned Stereotypes...

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