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Exam 1 study guide - Marketing 301 Exam 1 Review Sheet...

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highly effective marketing method cientific data available improves chances for success re others do (or even setting them) can help defeat the competition y want, before they even know what it is. Reality A Science Seeing what you want them to need A clear Reflection of society Perception An Art Fulfilling consumer wants and needs A distorted image of society Marketing 301 Exam 1 Review Sheet Spring 2008 The exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions. I certainly recommend reading all the chapter material in Ch. 1 and Ch.7 through bases for segmentation. Additionally, I strongly encourage you to review the overheads closely. Chapter 1 1) Marketing according to Duke - Know that my definition of Marketing is perception over reality . Know well the chart of what Marketing Is, Isn't, But . Know the active marketing definition I present at the end of this set of overheads. 2) Ch.1 text overheads - Know well what Marketing stresses AMA Marketing definition as well as the four Cs (clear, constant, consistent, and creative) of communication that I discussed in class, exchange, why exchange may not take place, the four marketing management philosophies ( and the fifth one I added- the strategic societal marketing concept), how to achieve a marketing orientation , definition of customer value, customer value requirements, customer satisfaction , how marketers build relationships , the difference between benefits and goods/services orientation sales and marketing orientations , reasons to study marketing. Chapter 7- Be familiar with the six segments of Nokia's customer base from the video I showed in class. Know the following definitions: market, market segment, market segmentation. Know the difference between a fully segmented market and a market segmented by one or two characteristics . Know well criteria for segmentation, know what segmentation bases are, know thoroughly the 5 bases for segmentation- what they are, how they differ, and their strengths and weaknesses, as covered in class. Marketing - Perception over reality. - Is a philosophy, attitude, perspective or a management orientation that stresses customer satisfaction. - An organization function and set of processes used to implement this philosophy. Marketing: Employee Satisfaction Greater Effort Higher quality Growth and Profits Stockholder Satisfaction More Investment Marketing is a set of activities: Products- what makes up design, name, brand approaches Distribution- how to get a product to the consumer Promotion- Made aware, promoting, manipulated- customer Economics- Marketing: Marketing is a process that focuses on delivering value and benefits to customers, not just selling goods, services and or ideas.
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Uses communication, distribution and pricing strategies to provide customers and other stakeholders with the goods, services, ideas, values and benefits they desire where and
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Exam 1 study guide - Marketing 301 Exam 1 Review Sheet...

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