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lecture 21 - Wed. 3/5/08 Hist2B: lecture 21 Early Japan -...

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Wed. 3/5/08 Hist2B: lecture 21 Early Japan - Japan in late 1 st millennium ; powerful aristocratic clans; competing mini-states; rice cultivation; metallurgy - Strong Chinese influence; Japanese borrowed o Confucian values o Buddhist religion o System of writing; literature o Idea of centralized rule, bureaucracy - By early 2 nd millennium Japan was both centralized and decentralized o Japanese recognized imperial power, but emperors remained figureheads o Powerful clans wielded real power; shogun (military governor) ruled in emperor’s place o Shogun competed with provincial lords daimyo, who controlled local regions o Instability promoted military ethos - Samurai o Professional warriors serving provincial lords o Daimyo provided food, clothing, housing o Became increasingly valued during long wars between shogun and daimyo o Emerged as privileged military nobility o Helped to protect Japan against external pressures Portuguese trading posts: attempt to control sea routes Dutch made a bid to monopolize the spice trade in SE Asia Unification of Japan - Power and authority among emperor, shogun, and daimyo unspecified - In 1500s tensions erupted into civil war; Warring States Period o Various daimyo enacted own laws o Portuguese arrived 1543, sold guns to southern daimyo o Strong military figures sought to unite Japan; also launched foreign excursions - Tokugawa Ieyasu o Third and most powerful of unifying figures, completed reunification
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lecture 21 - Wed. 3/5/08 Hist2B: lecture 21 Early Japan -...

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