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lecture 24 - elite o European powers were expanding rapidly...

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Wed. 3/12/08 Hist2B: lecture 24 Abbas the Great (1588-1629) - Revitalized Safavid empire - Modernized its military; standing army - Sought European alliances - Permitted European merchants, missionaries - Reaped great profits from Eurasian overland trade - Centralized administration; new capital at Isfahan Did Islamic world decline in early modern era - Yes o Alarmed by growing Hindu population, Mughals renounced religious tolerance Hindu states eclipsed Mughal empire by 1700 o Safavid empire collapsed in 1722 when Afghan tribes invaded from the north In ensuing chaos Safavid dynasty lost the allegiance of its forcibly subjugated subjects and the clergy Power fell to regional warlords - No o Ottoman empire ceased to expand in late 1600s, confounding Ottoman
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Unformatted text preview: elite o European powers were expanding rapidly Britain defeated, co-opted India’s local powers, eclipsing and isolating Mughals Habsburg empire, Russia, and France conquered Ottoman lands, undermining sultan’s role as protectors of Islam Common causes for decline-Growth of maritime trade after 1500s marginalized Ottoman, Safavid empires-Economic growth failed to keep up with mounting costs of modern weaponry-Unexplained stagnancy of population o Limited use of American crops o Loss of territory in 1700s-Cultural conservatism? o Limited interest in European science o Resistance to printing press o...
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