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Shaun Greenhalgh Informative Speech- History of the Jeep Wrangler Intro- (Attention Getter) If you take a drive almost anywhere you will likely pass one of these cars. No matter if your drivng down the freeway or through some mud in the woods or hanging out at the beach, you’ll see one of these. What car am I talking about? Well the Jeep Wrangler of course. Through the years Jeeps have established themselves as a dominant power both on and off the road. (Psychological Orientation) Many of you have seen them but how many of you know the history behind them? I have researched this very question and (Thesis) Today I am going to inform you about the vehicle that not only played an active role for our troops overseas in World War II, but has become an off-roading legend here in states. (Logical Orientation) Its history is quite interesting, with it going through three major phases: its days as a military vehicle, its early civilian days, and finally the Wrangler we know and love of today I. The Jeep Wrangler originated as a military vehicle during WWII. A. The highly powerful and quick tactics of the Nazi army during WWII made the British look to the United States for help, in need of a greater, faster, more reliable machine. B. The Army needed a rugged, light weight, off road vehicle with outstanding carrying capacity. Far beyond the engineering scope of the time. C.
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informative - Shaun Greenhalgh Informative Speech History...

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