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Pollock -Abstract Expressionism- 1 st avant-garde style innovated in US. Blend of tragic and heroic colors, lines, and ideas. -Subject Matter: Literal record of artists emotion and movement -Style: Non representational -Materials: Oil on canvas -Technique: Pouring paint on raw unstretched canvas -Ecclectic Influences: Kandinsky, surrealism, zen brush painting, Navajo sand painting. Frankenthaler
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Unformatted text preview: -Directly influenced by Pollock Mies and Johnson-Function: Corporate headquarters-Symbolizes corporate strength and efficiency Warhol-Trained as a commercial designer, not an artist.-Pop art: first avant-garde style to be popular right away.-Influenced by Duchamp’s use of appropriation Morris-minimal art: reduction of art to its essential parts. “Wiping the slate clean”...
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