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things they carried

things they carried - already caused him so much pain was...

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Shaun Greenhalgh English 134 Professor Maness November 5, 2006 The Things They Carried 2. There are two reasons that drive O’Brien’s revenge towards Jorgenson are the fact that Jorgenson screwed up in the field causing both physical and emotional pain to O’Brien and also the resulting departure from battle and alienation from his fellow soldiers. The fact that O’Brien’s former medic in the field was so brave and helpful the first time O’Brien was shot causes him to develop a firm hatred for the young medic who froze in combat. He could not understand how after leading his troop with unquestioned loyalty one of his own would falter and nearly cost him his life. The emotional aftermath also added to the hatred as nurses and other soldiers routinely ridiculed him for his injured butt. When his troop returns to the barracks he feels distanced and angry at the fact that in his absence Jorgenson has become one of them. He feels betrayed that his love for his troop was not mutual and the man that
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Unformatted text preview: already caused him so much pain, was the one to take his place. 3. The scheme backfires because O’Brien attempts just to scare Jorgenson into feeling the same terror that he felt that day as he lay helpless on the foreign soil, but Azar takes it too far. O’Brien had succeeding in instilling a sense of terror in Jorgenson and his plan would have succeeding if it were not for Azar. Azar claims that he’s the type of person that needs to finish things so O’Brien, once again, becomes powerless. He watches helplessly as Azar continues to torture Jorgenson and he drifts back towards that day he was shot. He is able to connect with Jorgenson on a level he never thought possible. He feels hollow on the inside, as if the blood that left him robbed him of a piece of his soul. The grief is too much to bear as O’Brien feels that he had failed himself. He became one of them....
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things they carried - already caused him so much pain was...

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