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Greenhalgh 1 Shaun Greenhalgh English 134 October 8, 2006 Man Hands The view from the passenger seat was astounding. The dying rays of the summer sun sent shadows streaming across the hood of the car. I had trouble believing the scene to my right was real. The setting sun had set the sky ablaze, causing the nearby clouds to ignite into intense shades of purple and pink. The sight was mesmerizing, one of those seen only on the faces of postcards sent from distant lands. I took this as a sign of hope. Maybe tonight would be the night. I could only gasp at its beauty, but little did I know this promising sight would lead to the loneliest night of my life. The fiery night sky was soon extinguished, as if it were too dangerous to let it burn. The ride home from Friday evening soccer practice was always dreaded because of the onslaught of questions about the night to come. “Where are you going? With who? Are there going to be parents there? Is there going to be drinking?” It was the same routine every weekend. “ Out, friends, yes, no,” my mouth would mumble in response, almost automatically. There was little enthusiasm behind these words because there was little truth to them either. These answers never seemed to satisfy my mother’s curiosity yet the questions always seemed to cease there. Our relationship mimicked this weekly conversation. The less we knew about each other the better. This was the way it was, the only way it ever had been. I was very self-conscious and I always blamed her mother for all the wonderful genes she passed on to me. I hated my bouncy blond hair that always found its way into
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Greenhalgh 2 tightly spun curls no matter how long I attacked them with the curling iron. I hated my
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manhands - Greenhalgh 1 Shaun Greenhalgh English 134...

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