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Greenhalgh 1 Shaun Greenhalgh English 134 Professor Maness November 7, 2006 The TLC The walk from the dorms is long. It’s way too cold outside. Your roommate and the only good friend you’ve met so far persuaded you to come out despite your will. You didn’t want to be the loser that stayed in the dorms on Friday night, did you? The quiet house explodes the second the door is opened. The music is loud and the people are obnoxiously louder. To the left someone is on his knees taking a beer bong while two of his friends giddily pour more beer into the thirsty funnel. To the right, the kitchen is occupied by a couple of girls slamming back shots of tequila like it’s going out of style. A cheerfully drunk girl walks up to you, her cheeks flushed with alcohol. She attempts to tell you she is the owner of the house but the noise and alcohol make her attempt futile. All you got out of the brief conversation was that the cups were in the kitchen and the keg was out back. Bingo. She offers you her cup and you decline her suggestion. “I’m not drinking tonight. I’m not feeling it.” All of a sudden everyone becomes silent. The DJ you didn’t know exists pops out of nowhere and stops the music, adding his own personal scratches and skips for effect. “Why not?” The air is deathly still. The crowd turns into an angry mob, cursing your name and driving you out of the house for your unbelievable mistake. You have declined alcohol at a party; obviously you do not belong in this social circle.
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Greenhalgh 2 The previous story is 100% true. Well, actually the ending was a little exaggerated but the effect was good wasn’t it? Binge drinking has always been a very
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tlc - Greenhalgh 1 Shaun Greenhalgh English 134 Professor...

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